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Your Real Expert Career!

REA Mentorship Program

One of the biggest challenges for new agents starting a career in real estate is lack of training and mentorship. This is one reason why 25% of new agents throw in the towel after their first year in the business.

Most of todays brokers offer an entry level training program that goes over the essentials like writing a purchase offer, how to hold an open house, and maybe even some sales training. When finished with this training new agents are left to figure all the rest out on their own, often having to spend additional time and money on more training or coaching outside their brokerage. Sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Real Expert Advisors Mentorship Program
Real Expert Advisors Mentorship Program not only starts with our 60 day Fast Start Training Program lead by founder & CEO Al Stasek, but connects you with a Certified REA Mentor. Agents who are certified as an REA Mentor are agents who are currently crushing it in real estate sales, are experienced, and most of all are dedicated to the success of the agents the are mentoring. Your very own personal mentor, coach, and go-to person for anything you need for your first 12 months, ensuring your first year is a booming success!

What you can expect
• Shot-gun fast start program – 60 days of everything you need to know to become a top sales agent
• Hard work, long hours, focused energy – Success does not live on easy street and we are all about exceeding the status quo
• Your REA Mentor – You and your REA Mentor will be introduced on week one of your training and will be with you every step of the way for 12 months. You will shadow them on appointments, listen to them prospect their leads, and call them when you get stuck.
• Clients – leads are opportunities to help someone buy or sell a home and no one creates more of these opportunities that REA. After completing your 60-day fast start you will begin to be given a flow of leads that will fill your sales pipeline. You will prospect, nurture, and assist these clients in buying a home.
• Fun – We laugh and have fun every day, it’s a core value of our company and key to a culture of happy team players.
• Drama/Ego free zone – Save the drama for your mama and check your ego at the door…that’s how we roll.

What’s expected of you – 100/0
• Align with and follow the core values of REA, the cornerstone of our company.
• 100/0 mind set – 100% accountability for your success 0 excuses for failure
• Minimum production goals you must be reaching within 90 days of your start date.

If you are interested in learning more about starting a career in real estate call us or fill the form out at the bottom of this page.
Also, we are proud to be an Exclusive Partner of Hondros College of Business and we refer all people who are starting a career in real estate to take their classes there. A link to their site is right here:

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